Franciscan Sister Elena arrives Greenwood, Mississippi

ETA usually means Estimated Time of Arrival, but in this case it means Elena’s (Sister, that is) Too Awesome!  And what’s more, she’s about to set foot on Mississippi’s holy ground.    Sisters Mary Ann Tupy, Annette Kurey and Judanne Stratman eagerly awaited the arrival of Sister Elena’s delayed flight from Phoenix.Arrival 001


Ta-da!  Here she comes.  Sister Annette tried to get a surprise shot, but Sister Elena, the sleuth-at-heart deftly identified the feet she could see as she descended the escalator as those of a sister.  Arrival 002


So many bags, and none that looks familiar!Arrival 005


We have Sister Elena.  We have the baggage.  What more could one ask?  It’s a thumbs up arrival and all systems ahead for a great year at St. Francis, Greenwood.Arrival 007