Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Gifted in Greenwood

School in-service 028

School in-service 003Inservice days for the staff of St. Francis School in Greenwood, MS began with gifts galore!  Sr. Mary Ann Tupy, principal arranged mysterious packages and teased everyone’s curiosity about their contents.  She led us all to see that our school community will gift us with those who are living images of God’s Word (We unwrapped a Bible.), those who are precious as gold (We unwrapped lots of Hershey’s Treasure bars.), and those who are  the salt of the earth. (We unwrapped bags of salted peanuts.)

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Everyone enjoyed exploring the rainbow of little gifts that awaited us at our work tables.  Surprises ranged from desk supplies to microwave popcorn.  Principals know what is truly needed by their staff.


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Not all gifts come wrapped in colorful paper.  Some gifts are wrapped in creative minds.  Many ideas are emerging!


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Sweet rewards of the day!  All enjoyed a cake designed by one of our gifted parents!

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 The school hall bulletin boards designed by Sister Kathleen proclaim the message of giftedness!

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Gifted boards 003