Franciscan Sisters Mission in the Delta

We the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity respond to the mission of the Church and our aim is to respond to God’s love by loving others as Christ does.  

The Vision of St. Francis

Mission Mississippi

  • Northern Mississippi has about 3% Catholic worshippers. It is a State in the US that has the rare title Mission. We the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are mission in the historical towns of Greenwood and in Mound Bayou, Mississippi. 


Bishop Kopacz and Sister Elena


Missioning Spirit







  • Greenwood has a rich history in the Civil Right Movements. Mound Bayou is known to be the first town founded by former slaves. In each town we find rich diversity and the need for us to follow Christ into the Delta.


Serving the Mission Church


  • As Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, we are called to serve the poor of spirit with the LOVE and PEACE of CHRIST.

Go and make disciples of all the nations – Mat. 28:19