Delta Delight!

St. Francis Greenwood is revving up for its annual Fall Festival fundraiser. Kool-Aid pickles will be a delicacy offered for sale.

Check out Sister Annette in a pickle!

Phase One

Phase One

And so it begins

Moving along!


The secret is in a touch of sweet and a touch of sour!

The secret is in a touch of sweet and a touch of sour!











Easy as 1,  2,  3
Slice the pickles in half lengthwise and place them back into the jar.
Dissolve 4# of sugar in the juice of one jar of pickles,
Add 4 packages of Kool-Aid
Stir well, pour over the pickles, seal jar and let the Kool-Aid  do it’s work for 2 weeks.
Then enjoy!


  1. Sarah Major says:

    I plan on trying one when i go see y’all next week 🙂

  2. Hello friend,
    Your pickles look delicious. Too bad you are so far away. I would love to stop in for a taste and a chat..
    Sister Jan


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