Franciscan Sisters Weekend

Life here at St. Francis of Assisi Greenwood, MS. is most generally full of many and varied activities.


This past weekend was just that! We had two young visitors staying with us from Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA.

They pitched right in and joined our work.


Giving the shrubs in front of the Convent a “face lift” was also on our agenda.


Once the work was done we could get on to other events!


To share some of our MS. agriculture. We took a ride out to Tallahatchie Flats to see cotton growing up close.

Cotton plants produce a blossom. After three days, they wither and fall, leaving green pods which are called cotton bolls.

Inside the boll, which is shaped like a tiny football, moist fibers grow and push out from the newly formed seeds. As the boll ripens, it turns brown. The fibers continue to expand under the warm Cottonsun. Finally, they split the boll apart and the fluffy cotton bursts forth. It looks like white cotton candy.

Cotton bolls and cotton balls.

Cotton bolls and cotton balls.

As the sun was setting we traveled home and ended the day with a fun game of Dominos and Night Prayer. 


Serious game of Train Dominos.

Serious game of Train Dominos.