How the Franciscan Sisters spent St. Francis feast weekend

With the Sisters chapel and the parish church all in readiness for the events to come the Franciscan Sister, Friars and Secular Franciscans gathered Friday evening to celebration the Transitus of St. Francis’s passing. We each lite a candle from the larger candle representing our patron St. Francis


Saturday morning found the Sisters and  Friars joining again with the Secular Franciscans in our parish church  to pray Morning prayer at the opening of the Secular Franciscan local retreat.




“Too Blessed to be Stressed in the Joy of the Eucharist”, was the theme of the day for the retreat. Sister Annette explored with the group the wonders and blessings of God’s goodness and mercy to us. “In the Eucharist we have the most precious possession which the church can have on her journey through history.”



The annual Franciscan Family meal brought our Feast of St. Francis to a close, but the celebration was to continue with Bishop Joseph Kopacz joining us the following day for mass with our parish, some of our school children and parents.