Franciscan Mission welcomes Bishop Kopacz

Bishop Joseph Kopacz came to St. Francis Parish, Greenwood to celebrate the feast of St. Francis first with the parish on Sunday and then on Monday to celebrate with the school children. Adults and young a like were thrilled to celebrate and share with him.


The Parish mass was followed by a picnic style dinner at which the Bishop was able to mingle and meet many members of our multi-cultural parish.



 The Monday morning school mass was a lively  celebration. During the homily the Bishop asked the students if they had any questions about his attire. The hands went up and he was right with them! Following the mass Sister Mary Ann presented the Bishop with a “Spirit” shirt in the name of St. Francis of Assisi school.


Following the mass a visit to the class rooms was a must for Bishop Joseph.


All at St. Francis of Assisi parish and school felt truly blessed to have been able to share the time we had with Bishop Kopacz. May God bless him and keep him and let his face smile upon him for many years to come. He remains in our thoughts and prayers here at St. Francis of Assisi parish and school. God bless you Bishop Joseph Kopacz.