St. Francis of Assisi Students Visit Bull Bottom Farm

The wheels on the bus went round and round as Sister Kathleen and her class of kindergarteners joined the Pre-K class from St. Francis School on a field trip to the farm.  All enjoyed a glorious day of fun at Bull Bottom Farm in Duck Creek, MS. 

No bouncy school bus for us!

No bouncy school bus for us!

Excitement is in the air!

Excitement is in the air!


We're here!

We’re here!










The jumping pillow provided lots of laughs and spent at least a bit of the kids’ energy!

Giant slides were a big attraction.  Students came speeding down the white vinyl in every possible manner, but always with a smile. 

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Fall on the farm means pumpkins, cotton and a ride in the hay wagon!


If you have never played in a corn box instead of a sand box, it comes highly recommended!  There was a little problem with some little ones wanting to taste the kernels!

Anyone for a sack race?

Before you know it, it was time to round up the group and head back home.  All were tired, but rejoicing in the gift of a wonderful day!