St. Francis of Assisi OFS Regional Meeting

Members of the St. Francis of Assisi Greenwood “Newly Forming” Secular Franciscans along with Sister Annette travel several times a year to Baton Rouge, LA to attend the St. Joan of Arc Regional meeting.


With a sunny and clear sky the three of us enjoyed the 5 hour trip.

 Approaching destination…!

Good conversation made the trip pass by quickly.


The Regional meeting the following day began with Mass, sharing of latest happenings, and settling into the work at hand.  The Formation portion of the meeting included;

  • What is the privileged place called Fraternity?

  • What’s National Visitation?

  • What are some of the best practices for vocation promotion?

This was followed in the afternoon by the usual reports of the Regional council and clarification of any business at hand. We all felt that the time was nourishing to our spirits and development of the “Newly Forming” Secular Franciscans here at St. Francis. By mid afternoon we were eager to get back on the road  and retrace our path up north 55 toward home.

Our next local Fraternity gathering will include a session for our entire group on;

  • “What is Fraternity”? This will be a great Formation lesson.

Or for those of us who are Third Order Regular we might ask;

  • “What is Community”? or
  • “What is the privileged place called Community”?