The Treasure of Consecrated Life

This Founders’ Day offers a wonderful occasion on which to consider the blessing of the call to Consecrated Life.  The Lord has given us this precious and golden way of life, the vowed life.  Yet in all its beauty, our life is nothing without the Light shining from within.  Pope Francis has challenging words for us as we strive to keep the flame of the love of the Beloved alive in our hearts and in our lives. 

cons. life 002

Look deep in your heart, look into your own depths and ask yourself, do you have a heart that desires something great or a heart that is indifferent ? Has your heart remained in a ceaseless search or have you let it be stifled by things, so that it is deadened? God waits for you, is searching for you, and how do you respond ? Have you noticed the state of your soul, or are you asleep ? Do you believe that God waits for you, or do you think this is merely “words”?