Franciscans Welcome Father Anthony Bozeman

Parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi parish had their “spiritual batteries” charged up this week at a Revival given by Father Anthony Bozeman. 

In Acts 8:26-40 we find Philip instructing and baptizing the Ethiopian. The Black Catholic roots go back to the days of the early church. for sure Black Catholics have a rich history in the church and it is to these that we can turn. As the Ethiopian did we also must do, ” …continue on his way rejoicing.”Acts 8:39

God has need of us, our faith and our gifts. It is ours to serve the God who has given us everything, even His only Son.


Father reminded us that when we come to God open, even though a bit “Broken, Busted and Disgusted”,  the Holy Spirit can touch our being and send us out in service to others “Renewed, Revived and Ready”.


The two evening of blessings with Fr. Bozeman concluded with sharing, laughter and renewed spirits.  He sent us out revived to proclaim the Good News to all!