Giving Thanks in McAllen, TX–by Sister Mary Ann

As the journey with the refugees and immigrants continues I find myself becoming more aware of how people here express gratitude! The volunteers through their selflessness to help those in need are people of joy and dedication! Many of the volunteers are parents with their teens and young adult children; others are retired, some are winter visitors or people who have come to give their time and energy! Their positive attitude is infectious. DSCF0954 DSCF0957

As the refugees are cleared through Immigration, their family members living in the U.S., send them the money for the bus tickets to their homes.  The refugees and immigrants share their gratitude through their hugs, words, tears and blessings! DSCF0960 DSCF0962

The gratitude of the children is seen when they have a place to play, in their smiles, laughter and hugs after so very many days of hunger, cold, walking, fear and waiting.

I am particularly grateful for God’s grace shining through the many people whose lives are intertwined  through this Catholic Charities Center! The mystery of how we are all connected, no matter where we come from or what our background is, reveals that God is in each of us. The support and prayers of my Franciscan Community and so many of you makes me deeply grateful.