How do Franciscan Sisters enjoy Black Friday?

Fall break and Thanksgiving break all came together at St. Francis of Assisi school and convent. The long awaited time off had come and everyone dug into the work awaiting us. Let’s get caught up!

Thanksgiving day took us to Jonestown, MS. where we enjoyed food and sharing with 20 some Sisters from various Religious Communities, who  live and serve the people in many towns across the Delta. There also were our Sisters from Mount Bayou.  It is always so good to see “our own”!

The four of us also wanted some time to spend together. Black Friday was designated for a little “Sister time”.

After enjoying this excellent meal it was time for a few games of Aggravation and a good Hallmark movie.


The Thanksgiving weekend gave us one more day to accomplish a few more things and get ready for Advent. And of course polish off a little more of that pumpkin and mincemeat pie. 

Let's see, which one shall it be?

Let’s see, which one shall it be?