Franciscan Sisters’ Christmas Break.

While living and serving in Mississippi we try to see as much of the South as we can, so during Christmas break we  drove down to Sister Elena’s sister and brother-in-law’s home in Spanish Fort, AL

Each day held new adventures!

Lee gave a memorable ride on his fishing boat up Blakely River. Civil War research has shown that the Battle of Blakely was the last major battle of the Civil War occurring six hours after Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

Back at Lee’s home he lit a warm fire to chase the chill and  give an added coziness to his home.

During this part of our Christmas break there were many opportunities for prayer and reflection on God’s beauty.We were blessed to be able to attend Christ the King Church in the morning for mass. Following mass we prayed Morning Prayer and since there was an Adoration Chapel connected to the parish church we were able to spend an hour there praying for all those who requested our prayers and giving thanks for all His many gifts.

A new experience for some of us was enjoying a meal at an authentic gulf seafood restaurant.


Then there was this…

In the evening we were able to view some amazing Christmas lights.