Franciscan Sisters share a taste of Greenwood.

Three of our Sisters; Sister Lorita, Emy Beth and Mary Frances came from Manitowoc, WI. during their Christmas break to spend a week at Mount Bayou with our Sisters who live and serve at the St. Gabriel Mercy Center. They helped with many things in both the convent and the Center, While here they experienced many things new to them, but familiar to those who live in the Delta.  We were happy to have them come and visit us here at St. Francis and see our life before they returned home to Manitowoc.


After the tour everyone settled in to share the latest Community news from the Motherhouse and ask what experiences in Mississippi  the Manitowoc arrivals found surprising.

After a chance to relax a bit it was time to pray our Evening Prayer and then to continue our sharing over dinner. Questions like; have you tried Catfish, mac and cheese, boiled peanuts, greens, grits and cheese straws, filled our conversation. 

The time to say, “Goodbye and God bless you on your Amtrak journey back home,” came all too soon.