St. Francis of Assisi Greenwood Secular Franciscans experience National Regional Visitation.

The St. Francis Secular Franciscans on the road again with Sister Annette to St. Joan of Arc Regional National Visitation Gathering.

Fraternities of the St. Joan of Arc Region gathered in Baton Rouge, LA for its official visit from the National level of the Order.  

 For the St. Francis “Newly Forming” group this was another Formation experience. What is Visitation ? One or more persons from the National level of the Order visit each Region every 3 years to share with and assist the Region and it’s Fraternities in what ever way they can. It is a way of staying in touch with the Fraternities of the entire Order and ensuring the Fraternities and its members growth in holiness and fraternity. In turn each Local Fraternity likewise has Visitation from the Regional level for the same purpose.

The days were filled with sharing and getting to know other Secular Franciscans, how other Fraternities conduct their gatherings and what materials they use for On-going Formation.

Time to pack up and be on the road toward home came quickly!