Franciscan Sisters of Greenwood, MS. Invite Young Girls to “Meet the Sisters”.

“Meet the Sisters” was a fun Friday evening event at St. Francis of Assisi Convent. Fourteen young girls arrived from third grade to eight grade. All settled in to watch the old familiar movie, “Trouble with Angels”. This age group of young girls was not familiar with this movie and truly enjoyed it. Popcorn, a cold drink and a movie go well after school on a Friday evening.

There had been a  scavenger hunt planned but time and outside temperatures caused us to change plans. All worked out well and allowed us time to visit with our guests. After the movie we enjoyed pizza, cold drinks, chips and a Fudge bar. Simple but comforting to all. Again we had time to enjoy the girls, answer any questions they had, view the Motherhouse web page and some video clips Sister Elena had of previous Camp Franciscan. Some plans got started for going to Camp Franciscan this coming June.

IMG_9589 (1)

The evening closed with Sister Kathleen leading us in Prayer in chapel. In the opening song, “Lord, I Love You” by Frank and ValLimar Jansen, Sister taught us gestures for the refrain.

IMG_9607“Lord I love you; I lift my hands before you. I give you glory; Lord, I give you praise.”

 The time together went so quickly that parents were arriving to pick up their daughters before we had the opportunity to have a total group picture. As the young ladies were leaving we heard, “When are we going to do this again?” Looks like we may get that scavenger hunt in yet!