Franciscan Sisters and Friars celebration of Consecrated Life

Spring comes to the Delta revealing new life. It is a perfect time to again celebrate Consecrated Life. This time with some of the Religious of the Delta.

The Franciscan Friars and Sisters welcomed Religious from  various parts of the Delta to mark this Year of Consecrated Life.

As parishioners joined us in our St. Francis of Assisi church we paused and remembered the men and women Religious who have faithfully served us here in Mississippi and given courageous Gospel witness to all God’s people.

 “Happy the one who shows mercy for the Lord’s sake; they will stand firm forever.”

 Following Vespers all were invited to the school cafeteria for a time to socialize.

As we celebrated with our lay and Religious brothers and sisters we are again reminded of the words of our Holy Father Pope Francis, “May this Year of Consecrated Life be an “intense time” to celebrate with the whole church the gift of your vocation and to revive your prophetic mission.”