Franciscan Sisters enjoy Easter fun.

Easter Sunday offered a little time and fun for the Sisters in Greenwood. After the Easter Sunday mass we had a parish dinner or better known as, “Brunch and Bubbles”, a fund raiser for the hope of a  future parish “Family Life Center”.

Then at home the Sisters had baskets and eggs to find! But where to look????

First the baskets……..Success!

Later came the plastic Easter eggs which promised to hold a treasure! Again the search is on.

There were general eggs, there was an egg for each with their name on it which only they could find and then there was the Golden Egg!

Seemed a lot of pondering was done by some! And researching done by others!

All of the eggs were easily found until it came to the three individual eggs and then the Golden Egg.

The house has been searched and as usual we all congregate in the kitchen! All the eggs are now accounted for except the Golden egg.

Eureka! I found God!

OOOOOH, I found it!

"It is really the Golden egg. I can't believe it!"

“It is really the Golden egg. I can’t believe it!”

After turning the sugar canister over three separate times Sister Kathleen uncovered the Golden egg which contained a $5.00 bill.

With the egg hunt concluded we could now all see what we actually found.


Some eggs held money and some held candy, but the best fun was the searching, sharing, and laughter we all enjoyed over our Easter Sunday activity.

We are so blessed and the Lord is so amazing to us and in our lives as we live and serve at St. Francis of Assisi here in the delta of Mississippi. We rejoice in the lord’s love for us, His resurrection and the promise of life He died to give us.