Franciscan Sisters invite local young Catholic women

After hearing; “When can we do this again?” The Sisters at St. Francis of Assisi, Greenwood decided to invite the young Catholic women for another “Meet the Sisters”. Conversation between events and while eating always allows time for questions and  and new discoveries about our life.

Time for a few games and a little mixing up! We are off on a scavenger hunt. Each group needed to find items beginning with the letters of the word; “Sisters”. With the heavy rain the groups could draw an item rather than bring it back in with them.  All navigated puddles and mud to come up with interesting items for each letter.

Our fry-out was questionable because of the rain, but in the end it cleared enough for  Sister Mary Ann to do the hotdogs on the grill while the young ladies enjoyed our indoor picnic around tablecloths on the floor.

Time for s’mores !

Once everyone had enough to eat Sister Elena started us out with a game of dice.

Sister Kathleen prepared a prayer service for us. So before the parents arrive we all gather in our chapel .

Good fun, good food, good memories again at our; “Meet the Sisters”  event.