Mother’s Day Calls for Gifts

With the approach of Mother’s Day,  Kindergarteners everywhere are creating love-ly gifts for their moms.  St. Francis of Assisi School in Greenwood has joined that movement.  Brother Patrick provided each Kindergartener with a pot, soil and 3 petunia plants.  With his expert assistance in potting, the little plants had a good start.  The class needed to keep the flowering beauties alive and well for about 3 weeks in anticipation of Mother’s Day.  Each day they went out armed with their watering cup to attend to their personal plant.

As the children watched their plants grow, they studied the needs of growing things and the parts of a plant.  At last it was time to make the card to go with their flowering gift.  This involved a lot of heart cutting.  Students wrote “My love (heart) 4 U…” on the outside.  Inside the folded heart was the rest of the message “…keeps growing!”

Finally all of the cards were finished and the pots wrapped.  The collective effect truly brought joy to the givers!

plants 009

Now it’s time to go home.  Gifts in hand, all are intent on getting this treasure safely into Mom’s hands.  Blessings on all mothers!

plants 013