St. Francis of Assisi begins the new school year.

It is that time of year again when Sister Mary Ann calls together the St. Francis faculty to begin planning and setting goals for the school year.

A unique challenge for Sister Mary Ann this year, is that she has to replace 5 classroom teachers, a music teacher and a Title 1 teacher. God blessed us with 5 educators and the Public School appoints the Title 1 teacher. We are still without a music teacher, but one of the Friars, Brother Patrick, has agreed to teach art. Do we feel blessed? YES! Yet there is one BUT. One of the 5 teachers hired has been in an accident and the search continues. This too is in God’s hands.  Take a look at the joyful beginnings of our staff.



The butterflies represented Hope… and why were we going to plant seeds?  After reading the parable of the mustard seed, everyone was directed to plant some mustard seeds in their pot.  The mercy of God allows us to have many new beginnings in our life.  Just so, the little seed will die and, nourished by soil and water, will become a great plant.

Sister Mary Ann asked us each to plant some mustard seeds.

Sister Mary Ann asked us each to plant some mustard seeds.

The faculty and staff enjoyed the meal as they either got reaquanted or got to know new faculty members.

The faculty and staff  paused to enjoyed a delicious  meal and each other.