St. Francis of Assisi Kindergarten Sampler

St. Francis of Assisi School has now enjoyed 19 days of learning and exploring as a school community.  Check out the journey our kindergarten room and students have been on since before the first day to the present.


This was the look of the classroom before work began…an empty slate!


Learning is a carnival, isn’t it?  Numbers are learned with popcorn and colors are mastered with cotton candy.




Soon the classroom looked like it was ready.  Now it really needs some smiling students!

The bells ring, the school days begin!  We are glad to have Brother Patrick join us as our Art Teacher.


Along with art and reading and math and writing and of course, religion classes, we also study science.  We begin by exploring how we can use our senses to learn about our world.  Popcorn is the perfect snack to employ use of all the senses.  First, we examine a popcorn seed.  Expressions on faces reveal that the children weren’t quite sure what this was.

As the popcorn popper heats up, little faces are full of anticipation.


And then…sight, sound and smell all at once.  It’s amazing!


Of course, the best sense to use was the sense of taste.  What could be better?

Kindergarten has had many adventures so far and we anticipate many, many more.  We’ll keep you posted!