How do Franciscan Sisters spend Labor Day?

It was the Franciscan Friars of St. Francis of Assisi Parish who got the day going. About a month earlier they asked if we and the Sisters from Mound Bayou would join them for a meal on Labor Day. Of course! The meal was in the planning stage and Brother Patrick was the cook. Everyone agreed as his reputation precedes him. Sister Annette would make a dessert.

Following a delicious meal and fun sharing with the Friars, the Sisters came to St. Francis Convent for some Sisterly sharing and recreation.

Labor day 002

Are we having fun now…when we’re losing?

The day came to a close before we knew it. The sharing of good food and laughter with the Friars and our Sisters from Mound Bayou was so renewing and a great way to enjoy our day free from labor. Evening Prayer together completed our day.  Our good byes were said anticipating a next gathering.