Franciscan Sisters Gear Up for Fall Festival

It is Friday the day before Fall Festival, our biggest annual St. Francis of Assisi fund raiser. We heard Sister Mary Ann saying yesterday (Thursday), “Is it Sunday yet”? Now that is wishful thinking! Days, weeks, months of planning go into this single day of fun and enjoyment for so many of our St. Francis students, families and friends. This morning at mass we called on our Guardian Angels, whose feast we celebrate today, “Be with us and guide us in all we do and all we meet this day”.

The students in each grade are asked to bring in a different food item for the Festival.

It is not only food that we see! Games of all sorts are coming out and the yard is looking promising too.

Volunteers arrive!

With some of our students’ dads working for the Greenwood Fire Department, they were able to come out to fill up the dunk tank.

Time to get some signs up.

Students were more than eager to assist.

Students are more than eager to assist.

These will help give direction.

These will help give direction.

There are many details to attend to before the night is here.

Meanwhile in the kitchen the volunteers are busy prepping for tomorrow’s menu.