Franciscan Sisters host “Meet the Sisters”

The Sisters at Saint Francis of Assisi invited young Catholic women to their convent home for an afternoon of fun, sharing, food and prayer.

Meet the Sis 006

Preparations are underway. There will be Sloppy Joes for our meal.

Meet the Sis 002

It doesn’t take long and the doorbell rings.

Everyone settled into enjoy to watch to movie, "Martin The Cobbler" by Leo Tolstoy.

Everyone settled in to enjoy the movie, “Martin The Cobbler” by Leo Tolstoy.

This movie was a good introduction to the fast approaching season of Advent. As we talked about lessons in the movie and how we need to find Jesus in each person we meet, many commented on how the movie spoke to them and how much they enjoyed it.

From here we moved on to the cafeteria where Sister Kathleen had an Advent wreath project for everyone to do.

With our Advent wreaths coming along it was time for our meal.

The day quickly came to an end. We gathered in chapel to praise the Lord and thank Him for the blessings of this day. ¬†When asked what part of the event they liked best, they responded, “We liked EVERYTHING!”

One final event as parents began to arrive for their young ladies…

A group picture is a must!

a group picture is a must! Already 3 young ladies had gone home so their faces are missing, but their spirit was certainly with us.