St. Francis of Assisi School Christmas Program, “Three Kings and a Baby”

After just two weeks of practice, with the help of their teachers, the patience of Sister Mary Ann, and the direction of Miss Jasmine Hughes, the students of St. Francis of Assisi presented a wonderful Christmas program entitled “Three Kings and a Baby”. Since our music teacher retired last Spring St. Francis school has not found a new music teacher. In their desire to have a Christmas program  everyone worked hard and pulled together.

Sister Mary Ann announces the program and introduces the Director, Ms. Jasmine Hughes, an alumna and parishioner of St. Francis.  Then Fr. Greg leads us all in a prayer.

All the St. Francis students assemble for the opening song, “Jesus Is Born”. This was followed by the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten singing with motions, “Go Tell it On the Mountain”.

The second grade was up next with a lively version of “We Three Kings” that ranged from rock n’ roll style to country twang to a smooth rhythm and blues sound.

Enter our Three Kings!

Enter our Three Kings from the East! They were the King of Rock ‘n Roll, the King of Country and the King of Soul. They played out their characters very well and drew laughter from the audience.

 The first grade class then entered to help the kings in their search for the newborn king.  They sang, “Lookin’ For a King”. They asked us the question; “Is He in your heart today?”

The three Kings now inquire of King Herod and his _______ . Had they heard of the birth of a new born King?

After journeying some distance, the three Kings decided to  inquire of King Herod and his Scribe, “had they heard of the birth of a new born King?”

3Kings and a baby 068

The Third grade shared their rendition of  “Star, Lead Us to Jesus”.

Throughout the program the fifth and sixth graders recounted the Christmas story. The lead narrator was Star. Her angel companions were Glow, Sparklette and Twink. The cast was rounded out by those playing the parts of Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Townspeople and Children of the Town.

As the three Wise Men journeyed, they met Lydia and Martha, two women from Bethlehem who told them of the baby whose name was Jesus. The fifth and sixth graders then sang “Rockin’ Baby Jesus” with great gusto.

Girls in grades five and six presented a praise dance to the inspirational song “I Can Only Imagine”.

As the group of star characters puzzled about how one might give their heart to Jesus, some of the fifth and sixth grade students quoted Scripture in Mt. 2: 11, Rm 10:9-10, Mk. 12: 13 and 1 Cor. 15: 58.  These proclamations of the Word made clear the way to give your heart to the Savior.

When the three Wise Men found the new King they offered their gifts and, having learned in a dream not to return to Herod, they went home by another route.

“The Best Gift Is Me” was the beautiful message in song sung by the fourth grade class.  The closing phrase rang out, “Merry Christmas Jesus I give you my heart.”

Pre- kindergarten through Grade Six again assembles for the "Finale". As always the parents could not have been happier nor prouder of their children.

Pre- kindergarten through Grade Six again assembled for the “Finale”.

As always the parents could not have been happier or more proud of their children and this Christmas Program.