Category is…”Before and After” Franciscan Style

Although we continue to journey towards Christmas during these Advent days, getting our homes ready for the great Feast can be symbolic of the deeper work of getting our hearts prepared.  In that spirit, the Franciscan Sisters at Greenwood set aside the first morning of vacation to transform the convent.  Just as Advent calls us to transform our everyday ploddings into a journey of hope, just so, take a look and see some of the before and after changes in the convent’s everyday surroundings.

All the latent possibilities within the boxes and bins are being brought out into the light of day!  Let’s start with the tree.

Many plain, ordinary nooks and crannies of our home and our life could do with a little light and grace for the season!


Windows and walls, though they let in the light and keep out the cold from day to day, do not merit much attention.  With  the right materials and a moment of time, these plain elements of a room take on new beauty.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Even this room gets a Christmas flavor!

Our Advent days challenge us to make room in our hearts for the coming there of Jesus our King.  May the beauty brought to our homes be a sign of the inner “decorating” we continue to do as the Feast of the Incarnations draws near.