Franciscan Sisters entertain “Flat Stanley”

Sister Annette is blessed with a good number of grand nieces and nephews so it is not the first time “Flat Stanley” has come to visit her. In the past few years he has come to West Point, NE and also Greenwood, MS to see what new adventures he might find. For those who may not be familiar with “Flat Stanley”, he is a paper cutout who helps second graders with geography lessons. He is mailed out with a brief letter asking to be shown around the area.  Upon his return home he shares where he has been and what he has seen with the class. Thus the whole class learns from all the “Flat Stanleys” that get sent out. Those receiving “Flat Stanley” are encouraged to take pictures and send any available artifacts which might aid in his learning adventure.

We were on Spring break when Stanley arrived, so we took him along on a trip to Jackson, MS.  Our first stop was at the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle, the main church for the Diocese of Jackson.  It is not as big as most cathedrals because we have very few Catholics in Northern Mississippi.

While there, “Flat Stanley” got to playing around in the flowers so I took his picture on an azalea bush. They are very pretty flowers which grow in the south. Then “Flat Stanley” decided to play hide and seek so he jumped up on the fence nearby. He thought I wouldn’t see him, but I did. We were not able to visit the Capitol building itself but “Flat Stanley” decided to take a selfie with the Eagle on the top of the Capital. “Flat Stanley” had fun there to be sure.

“Flat Stanley” was quick to point out the time to us. Can you see him?

Since Spring Break wasn’t over yet Sister Kathleen and Sister Annette decided to show “Flat Stanley” some of the sights in Greenwood.  Greenwood was once the “Cotton Capital”, so we started with the cotton marketing offices.  Flat Stanley saw cotton as it grows in the fields, then he saw cotton once it is baled. He was even given a miniature  cotton bale to take home.

We left the main office and went out to see a farmer who raises cotton and owns a cotton gin.  The cotton goes into the gin and the seeds are separated out.

The receptionist who greeted us at the cotton gin has 2 pet Bearded Dragons. They were resting near her desk. As soon as she moved they had their eyes on her. They are very close to her and want to go wherever she goes. “Flat Stanley” liked them very much.

Besides serving as receptionist, Mary also acted as our tour guide.  She took us out to the shed where “Flat Stanley” saw the cotton combines. Here he had a great time also. From there we went out to see the huge multiple barns where the cotton bales are stored until the “price is right”!

Mary did mention that many things in the USA are made from the cotton grown here, but one item you will recognize is Fruit of the Loom cotton garments! It was here at the cotton gin that “Flat Stanley was given some cotton bolls, cotton seeds and a special “cutting” of cotton that is taken from a bale of cotton to see it’s quality.

On our way back home we wanted to check out the river and show “Flat Stanley” how high it was. We have three bridges in town and we have three rivers; the Yazoo, Tallahatchie and Yalobusha Rivers. The heavy rains have these rivers close to running over.

Now that Spring Break is over it is back to school for us and “Flat Stanley” comes with us. This is a picture of St. Francis School where Sister Annette works. Many of the students arrive by 7:30 and enjoy breakfast with their friends.

The Kindergarten class with Sister Kathleen and Sister Elena with the Second Grade class wanted to have their picture taken with “Flat Stanley” before he says good bye. Sister Elena’s mother is visiting so she is with them also. Being the first day back after Spring Break there are 3 students missing on the Second Grade picture.

“Flat Stanley made one final stop at our Church here at St. Francis. We are not a big parish but we have a pretty church.

So it is now time to say goodbye to “Flat Stanley” and wish him safe travel back to Connor and his class. We here in Greenwood hope the students will have fun studying about “Flat Stanley’s” travels. We hope all our blog followers will learn a bit along with “Flat Stanley”.  It was fun showing him around Mississippi.