Franciscan Sisters at St. Francis Witness a Quinceanera

First, what is a Quinceanera?

Simply put, a Quinceanera is the celebration of the 15th birthday in a young woman’s life, as commemorated in Latin cultures.

Its purpose is to mark the passage from youth into womanhood through ceremony and celebration. It is an occasion to honor and acknowledge Hispanic and Catholic traditions marking the transition every young woman experiences as she matures, both personally and in the eyes of society. To do these things, the Quinceanera has a few key components: the ceremony, the traditions and the reception.

The Sisters received the invitation from a graduate of St. Francis School and a previous Camp Franciscan attendee, Fabiola. Of course we would be there! The Sisters walked to church in advance of Mass to enjoy the beautiful decorations and flowers in church.

The Mass with its special ceremonies remind the young woman about her religious responsibilities and her role as a woman.

Once the entire family had gathered and the final details were taken care of, Mass was ready to begin.

It is time for pictures!

…and off to the Reception.

Sometimes pictures don’t tell the entire story. This is one of those times. The Sisters had received 2 invitations for the same day at the same facility, at the same time. The other invitation was for a 60th Birthday party in a gathering space across the hall. Yes, We did cross back and forth to attend both and enjoyed lots of good food and fun!