Southeastern University of LA Students Celebrate May Day at St. Francis of Assisi School

As the final days of school approach a group of Students from Southeastern Louisiana University spent time at St. Francis of Assisi School in Greenwood. They did a variety of services as well and enjoyed working with our students. May Day was a big event in the midst of their visit.

These are some of the big cracks in our basketball court caused by the flooding of the playground. When the lake and creek overflow the water shifts the ground which causes the  cement to resettle and crack. It is one of those situations we cannot permanently fix, but this surely is a wonderful, if temporary fix for a popular play area for our students.

While fixing the cement our visitors did some painting on the court. They added the St. Francis School logo…

…and they left us an inspirational message.

This is a motto for life. Whenever things get hard don’t give up. “Go the extra degree” Water doesn’t boil at 211 degrees, but one degree more and it does. 212! We don’t know what we can do unless we give it that extra effort.

There was Painting in the Friary, helping in the classrooms, holding music sessions and daily fun time with the students. And then came May Day!

As the day drew to a close the many smiles and faces of enjoyment were visible everywhere you looked. We give thanks to God for the good weather and for the ready helping hands of our visitors from Southeastern LA university.