Franciscan Sisters Sharing The Beauty around them.

St. Francis of Assisi School can boasts of some beautiful daylilies growing in front of the building. What is unique about these flowers besides their attractiveness is that they all came from Sister Caritas’ garden at the Motherhouse. They traveled by train with the Sisters back to St. Francis and others came by car when 2 of our Sisters journeyed down here one hot August weekend to bring school supplies.  Amazing generosity in the Franciscan way!

Roses are plentiful at St. Francis. Some of these date back to when Sister Carol was here. Those who know her, know she has a heart for roses.

Amaryllis do well in Mississippi. My first fall here I recognized the amaryllis bulbs in the flower bed. Having raised them in WI and in Nebraska I knew that I had to dig them up, let them dry out and store them for the winter. So I proceeded, but wondered to myself if the climate here would affect these bulbs differently in the winter. What to do? I decided to dig some of the bulbs up as I was accustom to and leave some in the ground….just in case! After the winter’s cold was past I planted the bulbs I had dug up and soon learned a Mississippi gardening tip! Amaryllis bulbs do not need to be dug up. Since then I save some work and just enjoy their amazing beauty.

Hydrangea is a plant that grows easily around St. Francis Convent. I would wager that these hydrangea have been here for years! We have added last years Easter hydrangea from church, which came back hearty and full of color this year.

 Because Mississippi is milder in the winter than up north we are able to plant flowers in the winter. Pansies, Viola, Petunia and Snapdragons do well here over the colder months, but die out as the summer warms up.

There are many other flowers that brighten the St. Francis convent and school beds.

We are blessed to be able to enjoy so many colors and various types of flowers. Who but God could have created flowers?  “And God saw that it was good” Genesis 1