Franciscan Sisters in Greenwood, MS share a “linked” idea.

This summer at  the Motherhouse we had a total Community gathering. All of the Sisters enjoyed the times of sharing, renewing friendships and praying together. As a ritual during Morning and Evening Praise we each received a link.

Franciscan Sisters link

We are all linked to each other as Community Members.

These links remind us of how connected we are to each other and how God has  joined us together.

Now that we are all back on our respective missions we have tried to carry the meaning and creativity along with us from the Motherhouse. As the 4 of us come together and as life would have it there was a “missing link” Alas, the Hardware store could save the day! And so we came together.

Borrowing an idea seen at the Motherhouse a paper chain was constructed for our table holding our names and qualities which we strive to  live together. As our days together began to unfold the mailman delivered the “missing link”. So now we have 5 links. That was easy….Jesus in our midst!

Now how to use the metal chain links in a meaningful way? Sister Kathleen came up with an idea based on the Jewish tradition of the Mezuzah which hung by the doorway. The Mezuzah held a prayer, “Shema Yisrael“, beginning with the words;  “Hear, O Israel, the LORD (is) our God, the LORD is One”.

Our Community has a goal each year and this year it is “To Bear Witness to God’s Merciful Love – Living in Hope”


The chain of our links  and the link of Jesus is hung by the door we most often use to enter and leave. The sign or prayer next to it reads; “Help us to walk together in Hope, as we go to share the Mercy we have come to know.” So as we leave to do the Lord’s will and work we are reminded of our goal and the power of the Lord at work among us and the manner in which we should live.