St. Francis of Assisi School Invite First Responders

On Wednesday, September 21, the students, faculty and staff of St. Francis of Assisi School Greenwood, MS showed their support and appreciation to the First Responders at a school Mass. The celebration included special blessings for the group of public servants. Mrs. Lewis, the principal had invited State Troopers, the Greenwood Police Department, the Leflore County Sheriff’s Department, the Greenwood Fire Department and Medstat.  She said the intention was to counteract the sometimes negative perception of  law enforcement. The student body was eager to extend their support, respect and gratitude to the men and women who were able to attend.

Following Mass and the blessing a light lunch was provided for those First Responders who were able to stay.

 The students had a moment with the men and women who were off duty at the time.

The Greenwood Fire Chief, Marcus Banks said, “Prayer is always important, regardless of your profession. I’m elated about this.” The Greenwood Police Chief, Ray Moore said that the salute to the First Responders is a wonderful show of support. “It really makes us feel good. You have no idea what it means. It really touches our hearts.”

Other First Responders echoed the same sentiments. We were told that many other men and women would have come, but were  unable because they were on duty.

The gesture turned out to be a blessing not only for the First Responders of our area, but  also to our Faculty, Staff and Student Body here at St. Francis.