Franciscan Sisters Pause to Go Beyond the Tech Web

“Come let us worship the Lord, all things live for Him” Ps. 95:6

“How many, O Lord, are the wonders and designs, You have made for us.”   Ps. 40:5

“Let everything  that lives and breathes give praise to the Lord.” Ps 150:6

Let us ask Him to help us see more than webs and obstacles to trip us up.  Let us seek to view all the events of our day with the eyes of a child who knows the Father’s love.


  1. Sister Caritas says:

    It never ceases to amaze me at the beauty a simple spider creates when he takes all that time to spin such beauty…and I ask…Why does he create the web the way he/she does!!! God must love the intricateness, the time, the effort the spider takes to offer such beauty back to the Creator! Beautiful pictures!!!

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