Donuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom at St. Francis School

Family First is a non-profit group here in Greenwood which operates with the help of grants. They sponsored “Donuts with Dad in the school cafeteria on Friday.  Family First members and  St. Francis School Principal, Mrs. Lewis, served students and their dads. This was the first attempt at such an activity and we were all very pleased with the turn out.
















Monday morning was moms’ turn! Having run out of donuts on Friday, they provided sufficent muffins for the moms and their children.














Our Principal Mrs. Lewis visted with families as they enjoyed their time together.














Fr. Kim asked blessings on the parents, the children, and Family First in all the work they do. They provide help for most any need that comes to them, from anger management to supplying adequate clothing for a job interview, to assisting in obtaining a GED. They are here for the people and are a support to our school.