Social Distancing Among God’s Creatures and Creations

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy shares on life and social distancing in Greenwood, Mississippi.

One mockingbird and one turtle are out on this beautiful Spring Palm Sunday and they are practicing their social distancing techniques.

These may look like gnomes, or carvings, but they are actually “knees” of the Cyprus tree that you see to the right. They, too, have gotten the message about social distancing!

Another beautiful moment on this holy day was provided by our eldest parish family member, Papa Sam Leach, 89. Though the church is locked by diocesan decree and there are no services, Papa Sam drove up at the normal Mass time of 11:00, parked and swung his crippled legs out of the car. There he sat in prayer before his beloved church until Mass would have been over around 12:00 and he drove home. What an example of faith!