Franciscan Sisters Are Guests for Parish Radio Show

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy, Sister Janet Rose and Sister Maria Goretti Scandaliato talk about a recent invitation to be guests on the parish radio show and other pandemic developments at St. Francis of Assisi, Greenwood, Mississippi.

Here we are, masked and live at WGNL, a local radio station owned and operated by members of St. Francis Parish. Each Thursday, owners Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Hughes, provide 30 minutes of free on air time for “The St. Francis Show”. This week the host, Mr. Robert Tanner invited us to join Fr. Kim on the show. The conversation covered many topics, but we were happy to speak about our ministry in the school and parish and the many joys and blessings that life in Greenwood has brought.

We invite you to watch the radio show.

Outside of this brief claim to fame, life with COVID continues in our new found routine of daily Zoom classes. This will end next Friday. Between classes and time to prepare the lessons we have been doing cleaning and sorting tasks as one normally does at the end of the school year.
Our governor has allowed partial opening of businesses in Mississippi. Beyond the essential businesses which have been open, now gift shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, book stores and some other small businesses are allowed to open with restrictions as to numbers and distancing. The rate of new cases being reported has not really dropped yet for our county and in the last week we have heard of several cases and even fatalities among the acquaintances of our church members.

So far, however, we have heard of no cases in the school or parish families, so we certainly are counting that as a great blessing.
The diocese has published new guidelines which go into effect this weekend. As of Saturday, drive up confessions are allowed and as of Sunday, parishes may have Adoration time. Only 10 people will be allowed to enter the church at a time and all are to wear masks while in the church. We Sisters are each taking a time period to be in church in case there are not other parishioners there. We will plan to step out if the number reaches 10. As we all have noted in so many ways…these are different times! Prayers and blessings from Greenwood!