Ordinary Time, Real Time and Franciscan Time

 I just listened to an interview with Marie Howe, New York Poet Laureate.  She asks, “What face do you gaze into the most often?    


face time star

To what do you most often listen and do as it tells you? 


ordinary time 002

Do you have any “will” when it comes to social media, news outlets, etc.?  MUST you check them constantly? 


ordinary time 001

If aliens arrived and stood next to you watching, would they believe that our machines rule us? 

What does the term “real time” mean?”  Isn’t all the time we’re given by God our personal “real time”? 


clocks 001


                       clocks 002


IN the past, all things were gifted to us in God’s real time, in God’s Ordinary Time.  Ordinary Time is ours to be celebrated in the first person, with the naked eye and the alert ear.  It ours to be touched, tasted and experienced today!