Franciscan Sisters in Step with Guadalupe Procession

Again it was a privilege to be a part of the Faith statement of our Hispanic Community as they honored their dear Lady of Guadalupe.

It is always a thrill to see the beginning of the Procession as the dancers and float advance up over the levee leaving its beginnings in the trailer court.


The Sisters enjoyed the time of prayer and song and welcomed the Redemptorist priests who are now serving the Hispanic community throughout the Delta. 

It was heartwarming  as families gathered, prayed and worked together to make the day the blessing it was.   Grandparents are always passing on the ways of their culture to their children and grandchildren.  

As the procession progressed past homes, residents came out to watch, wave and greet us. Vehicles stopped, and passengers smiled and waved as the dancers, float and participants passed by.

Following the procession all gather in Church for Mass which is followed by more music, dancing and a grand feast day meal.