Franciscan Take on Pro-Life Lessons

“The promotion of the culture of life should be the highest priority in our societies…If the right to life is not defended decisively as a condition for all other rights of the person, all other references to human rights remain deceitful and illusory.” Pope John Paul

As our country marks the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and as the Church joins in a day of prayer that life might be reverenced, the Kindergarten students of St. Francis of Assisi School enjoyed some lessons on their value as a person.  They learned about how they were created and how they grew.  They marveled at the wonder of God’s power at work in them. 

 They worked on a special coloring book that highlights their beginnings as babies. 


They also practiced how to handle the precious gift of a baby.

May their expressive faces share with you the love and joy present in their hearts as they learned these important lessons!