St. Francis School Kindergarten is 100 Days Old!

St. Francis School Kindergarten students celebrated their 100th day of school in grand fashion.  They began their special day by making 100th Day crowns to wear.  This was no easy task as they had to decorate them with 100 thumbprints!  After the decorating, then came the challenging part–cutting them out.  The children had able helpers in Sister Theresa, who was visiting and Sister Kathleen, their teacher.





Next was the task of practicing spelling words.  By writing one letter in each box of a grid, they accomplished the feat of writing 100 letters!




We often observe how little ones have more fun with the box than with the expensive gift.  That observation was proved true in the classroom.  We look for all kinds of manipulatives for the children’s use, but they had a royally great time building with plastic cups.  It was also an opportunity to practice sharing and cooperating in a task.




A rainy day means no access to the playground.  Instead, kindergarteners did 100 exercises.  That was a great introduction to nap time!

How many jumping jacks have we done?

I'm not tired yet.

I’m not tired yet.


Snack time meant gathering 100 pieces of munchies.  First, we have to use the hand sanitizer and clean those hands.

Rub those germs away.

Rub those germs away.


Each student, equipped with a resealable bag, counted out 10 pieces of 10 munchies to create a snack bag of 100 pieces.  Then it was time to munch!



To add to the munchies we had a Hostess Snack “100” made of a Ding Dong and 2 chocolate donuts on a skewer.  Who knew that numbers could be so sweet?


Hopefully all went home with 100 great memories!