Franciscan Sister Shares Kindergarten Adventures

As winter deepens, St. Francis of Assisi School kindergarten students have not slowed their pace.  They continue to be busy about many things.  They have been learning that life is valuable in all its forms and that includes growing in our willingness to improve the quality of life for others.  The students learned about the work of Heifer International.  They agreed to begin collecting their money so that the class could purchase some livestock for the poor in other countries.  When the money jar filled, it was time to do a major math task of counting the money and then deciding which animal(s) we could purchase.


A drum roll…and we’ve arrived at a grand total!

That's a lot of numbers to think about!

That’s a lot of numbers to think about!


Now the students had to consider which animals they could purchase.  A lot of discussion and voting ensued and they arrived at the decision to buy one flock of chicks and one flock of mixed ducks and geese.

Voting brings a decision.

Voting brings a decision.

The check went in the mail and the children knew the joy of helping others in a big way.  The remainder of their collection was the seed money to begin their Lenten Rice Bowl project.

The little ones are not only helping other people, but other creatures too.  They embarked on a bird feeder project.

It took a while for the birds to learn of our culinary establishment, but finally the first customers came and were followed by many other sparrows, purple finches, cardinals, morning doves and of course, red-wing blackbirds.  The children loved watching God’s creatures through our classroom windows.

Winter continues to be a time of learning and growth despite the dark and cold days!  Be praised my Lord for all the seasons!