Franciscan Sisters travel to Abbey Youth Fest


The theme this year for Abbey Youth Fest was “The Hour Has Come”. And for the four Sisters at St. Francis in Greenwood, MS that statement was true. The hour had come for us to again travel farther south.

Are we there yet? is heard in the car!

Welcome to Covington!

Now to find the Teresian Sisters residence.

Now to explore the beautiful grounds.

Saturday dawns and the rains are predicted now for after 7:00pm.

The sun is out and the temperatures are warming up.

At 10:00am the gates are scheduled to open and 4500 young adults will come running in to find the choice spot on the field to enjoy the day. We watched and waited to see Fr. Greg and some of our Greenwood youth group plus some others we knew. Finally, Sarah found us and we found the Greenwood group.

And the adventure begins…!

The day was full.

The weekend had been full and it was time to head home.