St. Francis of Assisi school Greenwood, MS. teaching, practicing Peace.


St. Francis of Assisi school has been promoting peace through an amazing project this year.  Staff and students are exploring a peace curriculum.  The project began with some time being set aside each week for meditative prayer on Gospel stories.  This gave the students and staff a greater appreciation for a peaceful time in their week while getting to know Jesus, the Prince of Peace better.

The next phase of the study consisted of a detailed study of the peace pledge that all planned to take.  Each week one phrase of the pledge was highlighted by an age-appropriate lesson.  All of the phrases had been studied by the end of Advent.


Peace2ndgrade 049

Students and staff gathered in church for a prayer service.  During the prayer all took the peace pledge and then affixed their names to the large poster displaying each of the phrases of the pledge.  Each class also received a classroom copy of the pledge which they took back to their places of study to sign and display.  Today the pledge hangs on the hall wall as a daily reminder to everyone of work to become more peaceable people.

Peace2ndgrade 068

The study continues with a series of lessons on peacemakers in history.  Students have learned about people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Ruby Bridges and many others.  It is our hope that this study will take root in the hearts of all as we strive to follow St. Francis, the Instrument of Peace.