St. Francis of Assisi Celebrates Retirees 60 years of teaching.

As our school year here at St. Francis comes to a close we prepared to say “Thank You” to seven of our teachers who are anticipating Retirement. This was no easy task. When Sister Mary Ann brain stormed with the rest of the Faculty it was decided that an open house here in our school cafeteria would be best.With 60 years of teaching  represented amongst the group there would be a lot of students and parents who might want to recognize their dedication. And so it was that the school cafeteria was transformed, in the words of one of the teachers into “Heaven”.

Our Retirees gathered as did their families and former students and parents.

As the evening moved on Sister Mary Ann and Father Greg addressed the gathered group and teachers to express gratitude for all they had done for our students here at St. Francis and asked Gods’ blessings upon each of them in their retirement. Mr. Harrison our music teacher gathered the retirees and each expressed their heartfelt words for the blessings which were theirs during their years at St. Francis school. Mr. Harrison summed it up well when he said; “I have never worked for so little and enjoyed my work so much as here at St. Francis”.

Retirement 043

It only felt natural then for the Friars and Sisters to sing “The Blessing of St. Francis ” for our retirees.

Retirement 057

It was an evening of laughter and tears, but no goodbyes.