Franciscan Sisters Welcome Young Catholic Women to Spring “Meet the Sisters”

The young Catholic women of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Greenwood, MS have grown to enjoy and request “Meet the Sisters” gatherings. Since our area has such a small Catholic population, it is good for our young women to have opportunities to enjoy sharing time and activities with each other while they get to know the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

The first order of business is always a snack. Food seems to gather people of any age together. What could be more Franciscan that popcorn?

The Sisters learned of the latest trend in young ladies shoes! Two laces and a velcro strap with lots of bling!

The Sisters learned of the latest trend in young ladies shoes! Two laces; black and pink  plus a velcro strap with lots of bling!

As the snack disappeared we all got into a game called “Heads UP”. Each in their turn held the tablet and had to guess the displayed word from the clues everyone else gave. It turned out to be winning activity marked by high energy and high volume too!

Okay, it was time for a craft. Off to the school cafeteria we all went. Sister Kathleen was in charge of this activity. She had a paper folding project lined up. She had taught the Sisters the evening before so we would have a head start on the task. This turned out to be a good idea!

The finished product!

Wow! Everyone had worked hard to create their lotus flower and now were ready for some hot dogs and s’mores. So back to the convent.

No gathering would be complete without some time spent with the Lord in our chapel. Sister Elena was in charge of the prayer service.

Before we knew it the parents were arriving for their daughters. Goodbyes and hugs were shared. The few remaining young ladies had a few quick rounds of tag while waiting for the last cars to arrive. Because it is so much appreciated and enjoyed, “Meet the Sisters” is an event which will come again to St. Francis Convent in the Fall of the next school year. Until then may all be blessed.